Jakarta to provide booster doses at bus terminals, train stations

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The Jakarta Health Office stated that it is currently planning to provide booster vaccination services at bus terminals and train stations to accelerate the strengthening of immunity before entering the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus period.

“Bus terminals and train stations are part of our strategies. We are currently preparing them,” Head of the Jakarta Health Office Widyastuti stated at the Jakarta City Hall here on Thursday.

However, Widyastuti admitted that the Health Office had not decided on the terminals and stations to be chosen as vaccination locations.

The office will still finalize the plan by coordinating with related parties, she remarked.

According to the Health Office head, the vaccination posts at bus terminals and train stations would adapt to the situation and condition of the location on whether the vaccination would be provided on a daily basis.

Widyastuti stated that the Health Office will optimize the provision of vaccination services in the communities first.

She called on the people who will join the Eid homecoming exodus and had not gotten the booster dose to get the injection far before the exodus period to prevent problems during travel and long queues for vaccinations.

However, Widyastuti affirmed that her office had established cross-regional collaboration if those people have not received the booster dose and will get the booster at bus terminals or train stations.

“We have WhatsApp groups for all provinces in Indonesia. The surveillance team already has a collaborative network. Thus, we will inform each other,” she remarked.

According to data from the Jakarta Provincial Government, 2.84 million residents had, so far, received the COVID-19 booster vaccine dose.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo had emphasized that people would be allowed to join the Eid al-Fitr exodus if they had completed the primary vaccination and received the booster dose against COVID-19.

The president also noted that every exodus activity should be conducted in strict adherence to COVID-19 health protocols.

Source: Antara News