Jakarta police shoot dead 21 drug traffickers in 2017

Jakarta – The Jakarta Metropolitan Police have shot dead a total of 21 drug traffickers in 2017, mainly because their resisted arrests.

“The Metro Jaya Provincial Police have taken several firm steps against drug traffickers,” Chief of the Jakarta Police Inspector General Idham Azis stated here, Saturday.

The total number of drug traffickers and offenders who had been shot dead across Indonesia in 2017 reached 54, of which 48 percent were in Jakarta, he revealed.

The Jakarta Police handled 6,087 cases of drug trafficking and abuse in 2017, up 14 percent from 5,333 cases in 2016.

The North Sumatra Police shot dead 13 drug trafficking suspects; the Lampung Police, seven suspects; the National Polices Criminal Investigation Directorate, six suspects; the East Java Police, four suspects; the Riau Police, two suspects; and one suspect each by the South Sumatra Police, West Kalimantan Police, and South Sulawesi Police.

Source: Antara News