Jakarta police searching for alleged treason plot financier

The Jakarta Metropolitan Police is conducting an investigation to discover the identity of the financier behind the alleged treason plot that was uncovered recently.

“So, investigation is still being carried out. Later, when the time comes, we will announce the results, including whether there is another suspect in the case,” Inspector General M Iriawan, the chief of the police command, said here on Tuesday.

Regarding the flow of funds, Iriawan said the police would coordinate with banks to find out who opened the account suspected to be used to fund the meetings held in connection with the alleged plot.

An intensive investigation would be carried out to find the person, he pledged.

“As it is certain it will peak to one person,” he said.

The police has learnt that talks were held on mobilizing people and carrying out the plot, Iriawan said.

He said meetings had been held at a number of places including at the home of RachmawatiSoekarnoputri, one of the people named as a suspect in the case.

RachmawatiSoekarnoputri and seven other suspects had planned to topple the legitimate government through the House of Representatives, he said.

“We have not carelessly arrested persons without having enough initial evidence,” he said.

Source: Antara News