Jakarta Police arrest 10 foreigners over online scam

Jakarta The West Jakarta Police arrested 10 foreign nationals suspected of being involved in online fraud in a Cengkareng apartment on Saturday night.

“There have been arrests of foreign criminal perpetrators, 10 people,” Commissioner Teuku Arsya Khadafi , head of the criminal investigation unit of the West Jakarta Police said here .

The ten foreigners resisted when police officers wanted to check them, leading to a clash between the foreigners and the police officers, but no one was injured.

The foreigners also tried to flee during the arrest, causing other residents of the apartment to panic.

“During the arrest, they were resisting. But we were backed up by the West Jakarta Police. All of the perpetrators were captured and taken to the Jakarta Police,” Arsya said.

The Police, however, did not give details on the foreigners’ nationality.



Source: Antara News