Jakarta DPRD Conducts Comparative Study To Batam

Jakarta Council (DPRD)’s Regulation Forming Agency (Bapemperda) conducts comparative study to Batam Government, Riau.

It is done because Bapemperda wants to learn about Regional regulation (Perda)’s arrangement in Batam.

Bapemperda’s Member, Sereida Tambunan stated, this comparative study helps her in reviewing Perda in Jakarta together with the executives.

“We need comparative study thus we can evaluate where is our weak spot and our strength. There is many Perda that we have learned,” she explained, Tuesday (1/22).

According to her, Batam is the right location because this city has the similar area structures with Jakarta.

“We also need to learn from Perda in other regions with its various cultures,” she added.

Source: Berita Jakarta