ITB develops disinfection unit for personal protective equipment

Bandung a team from Microbiology Study of the Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) has successfully developed a disinfection unit for personal protective equipment worn by the medical staff to ensure it is safer to use.

Sri Harjati Suhardi, PhD., the research leader, noted in a statement issued on Tuesday that medical workers may be exposed to coronavirus from the protective equipment while interacting with patients or changing the equipment.

The unit uses ozone mist for reusable protective equipment, such as hazard clothing, face shield, and safety goggles, while ozone gas is used for the disposable ones, such as medical masks and hand gloves as a pre-treatment measure.

“Both types will likely to be effective, as they could kill the virus within seven to 10 seconds, according to our research of microorganism disinfection,” Suhardi noted, adding that the process takes place in a tight-closed container, thereby annulling direct contact.

Ozone is the most convenient disinfectant to use since it has the right measure of concentration that is considered safe for humans, as well as does not leave any residues since it re-transforms to oxygen, and there are no consumable materials.

The unit is currently in prototype phase but ready to be launched for mass production and expected to be a solution for the lack of medical equipment and hospital management


Source: Antara News