Israel orders 15 Palestinian families to evict homes to conduct drills

Israeli forces Wednesday ordered 15 Palestinian families in Humsa al-Foqa area, in the Northern Jordan valley, to temporarily evict their homes to make way for military training exercises, according to a local official.

Mo’taz Bsharat, an official in charge of the settlement file in Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley, told WAFA that the so-called Israeli civil administration notified the 15 families to leave their homes for three days starting Friday so that the army can conduct military drills in the area.

The families were ordered to leave their homes for five hours each day, starting from 6:00 A.M.

“It is extremely difficult for whole families, including children, to be evacuated on such short notice. With no properly arranged place to stay, they must find a way to ensure shelter, food and drink away from home in the intense, grueling heat of the Jordan Valley,” said B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights center in a report on army eviction of families for exercise reasons.

“The frequent evacuations force residents to put their lives on hold. They evoke fear and uncertainty and involve a great deal of inconvenience,” it had said.

Palestinians living in these areas have to also worry about left behind ammunition and bombs, which have led to the death of many Palestinians, including children, over the past years.

Source: WAFA