Irans top leader urges unity among Iranians amid enemys “economic war”

Tehran, Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday called for unity between the Iranian people and the authorities since the enemy seeks to create “despair” through its all-out “economic and media war” against the country, Press TV reported.

The goal of this war is to exaggerate the economic difficulties and to prompt disappointment as well as pessimism among people and the state institutions, Khamenei was quoted as saying.

He referred to “negative” media coverage of the recent drop in the value of Irans national rial currency by the “ill-wishers” as an example of enemy attempts to bold Irans economic problems.

According to Xinhua, he further called for stronger unity and national convergence at the current “sensitive” juncture.

“The sensitivity of these conditions is due to the fact that the Islamic establishment has stepped on a new path and put forward new points of view, moving against the tide of the hegemonic system,” he was quoted as saying.

People should not lose their trust in the government, Khamenei said, calling for more confidence-building measures by state institutions to allay peoples concerns.

Last week, Khamenei said that the economic problems are not wholly caused by the U.S. sanctions, but a series of internal issues and mismanagement.

Source: Antara News