Investment paramount to improving quality of human resources: minister


Jakarta Investment to improve the quality of human resources is highly important within the scope of the manpower development process, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah noted in a statement on Saturday.

One of the priority targets for national development for the 2019-2024 period is increasing investment.

“To this end, investment to improve the quality of human resources is very important for the manpower development process,” Fauziyah noted at the Pasker ID Goes to Campus and University Communication Forum for Manpower Management Inauguration (Forkomtinag) events in Surabaya, East Java, on Friday.

Investment is crucial as it creates jobs, expands technology and knowledge transfer opportunities, strengthens the quality of human resources, encourages an increase in productivity, and contributes to the national economic growth.

One of the forms of investment to improve the quality of human resources is through quality education at universities, the minister noted.

This is because quality university graduates tend to have higher productivity and provide a bigger contribution to the economy.

“Hence, we have to continue to make university as one of the focus areas in the process of improving the quality of this nation’s human resources,” she remarked.

Fauziyah believes that the existence of Pasker ID Goes to Campus and Forkomtinag will have a significant impact on the development of manpower in Indonesia.

The events were attended by several rectors from various universities in Indonesia.

Source: Antara News