Investment in renewable energy at US$1.36 billion in 2020

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The realization of investment in renewable energy in Indonesia in 2020 reached US$1.36 billion, or around 70 percent of the target of US$2.02 billion, according to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

About half of the investment is in the geothermal sector, director general of renewable energy and energy conservation (EBTKE) at the ministry, Dadan Kusdiana, said here on Thursday.

“The target in 2020 was set at $2.02 billion, we could get $1.36 billion of investment from the geothermal industry and the remaining from other renewable energy, mainly hydrogenerated power plants (PLTA) and solar power plants (PLTS),” he said.

Investment in geothermal power plants in 2020 reached $702 million of the target of $1.05 billion; other renewable energy reached its target of $540 million; bioenergy $108 million of the $420 million target; and, energy conservation met its target of $8 million.

In 2021, the ministry is targeting renewable energy investment of $2.05 billion, comprising $730 million in geothermal, $1.2 billion in various renewable energy, $68 million in bioenergy, $10 million in energy conservation sectors.

“Investment in geothermal power plants will remain high, and there will be a lot of projects related to PLTA and PLTS, hydro-generated power plants and solar panels. There are also bioenergy power plant projects and expansion in biofuel production (on the cards),” Kusdiana said.

Meanwhile, the realization of Non-Tax State Revenue in the geothermal sector in 2020 reached Rp1.96 trillion, higher than the target of Rp1.34 trillion. The target in 2021 has been fixed at Rp1.44 trillion. (INE)

Source: Antara News