Innovation-Based Cooperation between IPB and Jambi Province

Innovation for the progress and the prosperity of the nation was the topic of the year of 2016 as the year of the institution’s reputation which should be encouraged by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Realizing all that, IPB continued to aggressively hold with the the partners in the cooperation, one of which was the local government. One of strategic partners of IPB which adopted the innovation of IPB was Jambi Province for the Saturated Water Cultivation Technology.

The realization of this commitment was that Governor of Jambi, Zumi Zola Zulkifli, STP, MM, and Rector of IPB, Prof.Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto, agreed to sign a cooperation for the innovation of the Saturated Water of Soybean Cultivation Technology (BJA) in the residence of the Governor of Jambi, 5/9/2016. IPB saw this technology to be right for Jambi Province which had many tidal areas especially at the coast from Tanjung Jabung Barat to Tanjung Jabung Timur. With this technology, it was expected that the idle land could be harnessed into the productive land, even becoming the mainstay for achieving the food self-sufficiency.

The MoU which was signed in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of RI, Dr. Andi Amran Sulaeman, became an umbrella for the cooperation development for the province and other districts/cities. To be easily implemented, the Governor deliberately presented the regents and the mayors throughout Jambi Province. The Governor who was also the alumni of IPB encouraged all officials of the districts/cities seriously to develop the agriculture with the assistance of IPB. The Governor was optimistic through this cooperation, the agriculture in Jambi could be pushed up into the national mainstay. On the same occasion, the Rector of IPB delivered that the innovation that would be developed in Jambi was the adaptive innovation such as the paddy of IPB 3S and Saturated Water of Cultivation Technology for Soybean. To ensure the sustainability of the agricultural business, the Rector of IPB reminded that Jambi developed the agriculture in an integrated manner from upstream to downstream, not only from the production alone.

The Minister of Agriculture in his speech conveyed that the innovation that supported the food self-sufficiency effort should be encouraged quickly.

Thus, in this occasion, the Minister of Agriculture directly coordinated with the regents/mayors who were truly ready to encourage the growth of the agricultural sector. On this occasion, the Minister directly encouraged the regents/mayors with the incentives in the form of the agricultural means. Some of their issues were the irrigation, the opening of new land, the seed, and the new innovation technology such as the frozen semen for breeding. The Minister of Agriculture specifically appreciated IPB that was never tired of encouraging the agricultural innovation to achieve the self-sufficiency in paddy, soybean and meat. Even the Minister of Agriculture committed to help encourage the innovation of paddy, the soybean cultivation technology, and the breeding, which were soon to be adapted by the local government, so as to speed up the national food self-sufficiency. (Yvr)

Source: Bogor Agricultural University