Informatics Minisry supports development of ASEAN digital community


The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is supporting the development of the digital community in the Southeast Asia region by implementing four aspects of inclusive digital transformation acceleration.

“In supporting the realization of the ASEAN digital community, the Indonesian government is pushing four aspects of digital transformation acceleration, starting from strategic planning, connectivity, data utilization, to foreign cooperation,” Communication and Informatics Minister’s Special Staff for Digital and Human Resources Dedy Permadi stated in a press release on Saturday.

For the strategic planning aspect, Permadi noted that the ministry has formulated the 2021-2024 Digital Indonesia Road Map. The road map serves as a strategic guide for realizing a fast, strong, and equitable national digital transformation.

Then, regarding the connectivity aspect, he affirmed that the government continues to encourage the provision of adequate and equitable connectivity in order to resolve the digital divide and increase the ratio of Internet connectivity between regions in the country.

Furthermore, as for data utilization, he stressed that increasing the value and use of data in daily life must always be carried out by paying attention to the principles of data sovereignty.

Lastly, for the foreign cooperation aspect, the Indonesian government proactively supports various cooperation frameworks that encourage the institutionalization of digital transformation in the Southeast Asia region, he said.

Permadi noted that the efforts include Indonesia’s G20 presidency and the country’s involvement in preparing the ASEAN Leaders’ Statement on Digital Transformation.

According to him, Indonesia’s support for the ASEAN Leaders’ Statement on Digital Transformation and its G20 presidency reflected the country’s contribution to ASEAN.

As the ministry that is in charge of the Digital Economy Working Group forum during Indonesia’s G20 presidency, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics pushes for three priority issues, namely connectivity and recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, digital skills and literacy, and cross-country data flows.

“Indonesia hopes that the focus of the discussion at the G20 DEWG can be continued in the digital transformation discussion forum at the ASEAN level so that it will have a positive impact on the ASEAN digital community,” he remarked.

Source: Antara News