Industry Ministry committed to encouraging halal industry zones


The Industry Ministry is committed to encouraging halal industry zones to cater to the increasing potential of the domestic and global halal market by enacting the ministerial regulation on halal industry zone permit application.

The ministry’s director general for resilience, zoning, and international industry access, Eko SA Cahyanto, made the remark in a written statement released in Jakarta on Friday.

“Industry Minister Regulation No 17 of 2021 about halal industry zone permit application (aims to) accelerates the development of halal industry zone in Indonesia,” he said.

The three halal industry zones that have been established are Halal Modern Valley in Banten, Halal Industrial Park in East Java, and Bintan Inti Halal Hub, he added.

“The industry zone has comprehended the potential of global halal industry investment, and we laud the three pioneers of halal industry zone in Indonesia,” he remarked.

Cahyanto asked halal industry zone operators to apply for an industry zone license (IUKI) and conceive a master plan to cater to halal industry factories that have been established in their zone.

“By ensuring that all of the supporting facilities in halal industry zones, such as the management team and system, laboratory, certification body, and water processing plant, are halal-certified, this could serve as a selling point to enhance halal industry zone’s competitiveness,” the director general expounded.

He also noted that fiscal and financial incentives are necessary to accelerate halal industry development in Indonesia.

The ministry will propose incentives for halal industries that export their products, substitute imported materials, develop halal product processing technology, innovate with new halal products, and provide export assistance to other halal industries, he said.

Financial incentives are proposed to be provided for halal product processing, halal certification, material substitution with halal products, and enhancing the bankability of halal industries, the director general added.

To achieve the goal, the ministry will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to enhance halal industry development in Indonesia, Cahyanto said.

“Our measures that include accelerating fiscal incentives, rating system, innovation funding, and budget support are aimed at encouraging Indonesia’s halal industry to reach the top-tier level among countries with halal industries,” he remarked.

Source: Antara News