Industry And Energy Dept. Ensures Disaster Mitigation Preparation

Jakarta Industry and Energy (PE) Department ensures its preparation in handling disaster such as personnel, facilities and infrastructures are in good condition.

It is conducted as mentioned in Governor Instruction (Ingub) No.133/2018 regarding Preparedness and Anticipation of Flood Disasters, Landslides and Strong Winds in Rainy Season.

Jakarta PE Department’s City Lighting Division Head, Syamsul Bakhri stated, PE Department and all related SKPDs have a task to carry out pre-disaster, emergency response and post-disaster steps.

“PE Department’s jobs are to coordinate internally and across sectors, and also deploy personnel, facilities and infrastructures to the location where disaster occurred. We can ensure our personnel, including in sub-department, are ready to be mobilized anytime,” he asserted, Monday (1/7).

In emergency response phase, PE Department’s jobs are to provide lightning equipment on the evacuation shelter, coordinate with PT. PLN for power outage and lighting, provide another needed support facilities in the shelter.

“We have prepared mobile generator set tower, including 400 watt lamp. We will install spotlight for a wider range of light in emergency tent.

PE Department will do maintenance routinely thus all supporting facilities can be used immediately when needed or when disaster occurred.

“We will ensure all in good condition thus It can be used anytime,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta