Indonesias economy solid amid global economic turbulence: Central Bank

London, (ANTARA News) – Indonesias economy has remained solid amid the global economic turbulence, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Rosmaya Hadi, has said .

Rosmaya Hadi was speaking at a ceremony “Indonesia Briefing 2018” attended by around 100 British business leaders and other invitees held at the Indonesian embassy here on Thursday.

She said Bank Indonesia is committed to strengthening collaboration with related British agencies and ministries to increase investment, trade and attract British tourists to Indonesia.

Key speaker Richard Graham, special envoy of British Prime Minister in trade for Asean and Indonesia, told the British business leader that “Indonesia is the place when investors want to become a global player.”

Graham said Britain is serious in promoting bilateral relations with Indonesia especially in economy , adding it is shown in the assignment of a British ambassador to ASEAN with office in Jakarta.

The Indonesia Briefing,which was the second held at the Indonesian embassy in here was opened by Indonesian Ambassador Dr Rizal Sukma.

The ambassador said he hoped Indonesia Briefing is expected to be able to answer all questions and fears of doing business in the country especially ahead of the political years in 2019 when the country is to elect new president.

In the main panel session on political and economic prospects of Indonesia, Chief Economist of Standard Chartered Bank, Sarah Hewin said amid the global uncertainty, Indonesias economy is predicted to grow 5.1 percent in 2018 and 2019.

Editor in Chief the Jakarta Post Nezar Patria said freedom of the press in Indonesia since 1999 reflected healthier development of democracy in the southeast Asian largest economy compared with other countries in that region.

Nezar said social media had become the most influential tool in the “festival of democracy” especially in the run up to the presidential election in April 2019 as internet users have reached more than 50 percent or 140 million of Indonesian population.

Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia in London Donny Hutabarat said Indonesia Briefing is an annual event designed to update the general condition including economic condition in Indonesia needed by prospective investors.

Source: ANTARA News