Indonesias disaster awareness level is still below Japan

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Director of Community Empowerment of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Lili Kurniawan said the level of awareness of the disaster of the people of Indonesia is still below Japan.

“Japan has experienced three times the awareness of the disaster,” said Lili Kurniawan at a discussion on the Merdeka Barat 9 Forum entitled Potential and Disaster Mitigation, in Jakarta, Friday.

This awareness grew after Japan faced three major natural disasters that made its people aware of the disaster.

The first major disaster was the Gulf of Ise typhoon in 1959. Second, the earthquake in Kobe in 1995. Third, the earthquake and tsunami in Sendai in 2011.

From these disasters, the Japanese government realized that the people who survived the disaster were due to their readiness to face disasters.

“Survivors, 95 percent are due to themselves. How mitigation is carried out to the community so that people have readiness to face disasters,” he said.

He also added, Japan also routinely evaluates the durability of its infrastructure, so that Japan is able to build infrastructure that is adapted to disaster characteristics in its region.

While Indonesia has only experienced one major catastrophic event, namely during the Aceh tsunami in 2004.

It is doubtful that a number of disasters in 2018 can increase public awareness of disasters.

“Then in 2018, is it also the second volume of disaster awareness?” he said.

Lili said, Japan and Indonesia are actually similar in terms of potential disasters. These two countries are both in the zone of fire rings.

“The geology of Indonesia and Japan is the same,” he said.

According to him, Japan should be exemplified in its ability to manage disasters.

Source: ANTARA News