Indonesian trade with the European Union increase 13 percent : ambassador

London (ANTARA News) – Indonesian trade with the Union Europe increased by 13 percent if compared to the previous year which only recorded at 31.5 billion USD.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg, Yuri O. Thamrin said Indonesia together with the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg have good cooperation and partnership, and continue to develop, bilateral trade between

Speaking recently at a diplomatic reception held to commemorate the 73rd Republic of Indonesia independence day, the ambassador said the development of this trade collaboration will be further facilitated referring to the ongoing trade negotiations between Indonesia and the European Union Comprehensive Economic Partnership (IEUCEPA).

The reception, according to him, was also used to improve understanding of the parties present including European Union and Belgian officials regarding the achievements and developments made by the Indonesian Embassy in increasing cooperation between Indonesia and the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg in recent years.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Ambassador said Indonesia encouraged the European Unions understanding of economic and development development through members of the European Union Parliament with its visit to Indonesia last May.

On the other hand, the Indonesian Foreign Minister and the European Union HRVP are also important figures in synergizing joint efforts between Indonesia and the European Union in handling issues of mutual interest including efforts to increase democracy, human rights, free trade, counter terrorism and climate change.

Ambassador Yuri O. Thamrin more widely informed that this year is also important to note for the development of cooperation between Indonesia and the European Union because in June 2018, the European Commission has revoked the flight ban or allowed 62 Indonesian airlines to fly to the European Union.

The Ambassador also said that the trade cooperation between Indonesia and Belgium had increased by 16 percent from 2017, which amounted to 1.8 billion USD.

The Indonesian Embassy is a representative that encourages increased cooperation, especially in the fields of strategic industry, maritime, finance, high precision components industry, and dual listing cooperation involving Euronext and Indonesian Stock Exchange.

Likewise, cooperation between Indonesia and Luxembourg continues to increase. This year, the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Luxembourg entered the age of 45 years and were marked by mutual visits to the Chamber of Commerce of the two countries.

The reception also invited guest of honor, namely Mayor Willebroek Eddy Bever, who said that Indonesia was a country that should be exemplary in terms of tolerance of life among the people.

Willebroek is located between Antwerp and Brussels and has a competitive advantage as a logistics and innovation hub connecting the port of Antwerp with other cities in Europe. Willebroeks unique characteristics become opportunities for cooperation that can be developed with other cities in Indonesia.

The reception was held in a garden party format and was attended by foreign ambassadors, EU institution officials, members of the European Union and Belgium Parliament, Belgian investors, and Indonesian diaspora in Belgium.

Source: ANTARA News