Indonesian student wins intl technology award

An Indonesian student from the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Ramadhan Chairan Maulana, has won an award at the 6th International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability 2016.

“We are proposing a paper on a technology that helps climbers in getting information on weather around the mountain,” Ramadhan said here on Monday.

The technology named Arduino based Safety Information Guidance for Climbers displays weather information around the mountain, including temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

“Also, the tool displays a security level and health impacts that are possible to occur to climbers according to the data,” he explained.

Ramadhan added that the tool, which is also called “Duo Serigala” or two wolves has a navigation system that shows the starting point and the peaks.

There is also a S.O.S button that functions to call an emergency help. “This feature works based on radio frequency. I hope this equipment helps climbers in completing their climbing and prevent accidents,” Ramadhan said.

The international symposium has been participated in by 200 university students from Japan, the Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

It was a collaboration of the Gadjah Mada University and Japan National Institute of Technology (NIT).

Source: Antara News