Indonesian school in Moscow faces shortage of teachers

Moscow 16 (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian elementary school in Moscow is currently in need of teachers, who can teach Indonesian language, according to its headmaster Mursakin.

“We need Indonesian teachers for elementary school, as those, who earlier taught here, have returned home after the contract expires,” Mursakin remarked here on Friday.

Marsakin noted that as the headmaster, he is tasked with managing the Indonesian elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school in Moscow.

Speaking in connection with the teaching methods, he explained that in addition to formal education, such as in Indonesia, the schools in Moscow emphasize the love of Indonesia, cultural knowledge, and norms similar to that at home.

“Here in Moscow, Indonesian students are taught to respect their parents and to smile as the characteristic of Indonesian people,” he noted.

For extracurricular activities, they are also taught Indonesian arts and culture, English, and Russian language.

“The teacher, who teaches Russian language, is from Russia,” he noted.

Alluding to the obstacles encountered in teaching, Mursakin clarified that there were none, as the students possess a high average academic ability.

“The teaching technique is face-to-face, so the students are directly supervised,” he added.

Currently, the number of students at the school reaches 28 for all levels, from elementary to high school.

Source: Antara News