Indonesian Police Chief to form special teams to curb potential conflicts

National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian is planning to set up special teams at the district level in the country to curb potential conflicts in the community.

“The teams will be staffed by personnel from police resort, police precinct, district military command, and Bakesbang (board of national unity) as well as social figures of FKUB (inter religious harmony forum),” he disclosed at a national dialogue at the office of the East Java Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) here on Saturday (Nov. 19).

He noted that conflicts could potentially happen in society, involving groups small and large.

“Even the smallest groups can have a potential to trigger a conflict, something that can happen in families. Every day, we receive reports of household conflicts, not to mention people seeking divorce from each other,” he added.

Different racial backgrounds may give rise to potential conflicts in a large group in Indonesia, he reminded.

“Therefore, it is important to understand the value of unity in diversity because, in principle, this nation is made up of groups with different backgrounds. It will be very dangerous for the Unitary Republic of Indonesia if any of the groups in the country imposes its will on others as that could give rise to a conflict,” he explained.

Freedom, which goes beyond the limits of propriety, may make the country vulnerable as it may create a primordial sense, in which one group in the community forces its will on the other and that it may lead to radicalism and terrorism, he cautioned.

“Therefore, there must be a mechanism to control such potential conflicts in the smallest group in the community. For that purpose, we need special teams,” he concluded.

Source: Antara News