Indonesian peacekeeping force expected to return home soon: FM


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian Formed Police Unit (FPU), which was being held in Sudan in connection to arms smuggling attempt, is expected to return home soon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi said.

“Alhamdulillah (all praise to God), the Indonesian FPU would return home soon, and Sudan would help in the repatriation,” Marsudi said at the G20 foreign ministerial meeting in Bonn, Germany, as quoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on Saturday.

During her visit, Marsudi also met UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the G20 ministerial meeting.

Marsudi stated that Indonesia has a strong commitment in sending their troops to the UNs peacekeeping mission, since it is one of the major contributor of the peacekeeping forces.

“The Indonesian police force should be able to return immediately. Moreover, the initial investigation has shown no evidence to what they had been alleged to,” she said.

UN Secretary General said that Indonesia FPU has a very good reputation, yet the investigation is still underway.

However, the Indonesian FPU contingent could return to their country immediately since their presence was no longer needed in Dafur, Sudan, Guterres said.

Marsudi had also discussed with Sudans Minister of Foreign Affairs by telephone saying that the UN has agreed to the repatriation of the Indonesian FPU.

Sudan would help the repatriation of the Indonesian peacekeeping force, Marsudi remarked.

Previously, the Indonesian police unit that was in the process of returning home after serving for one year under the African Union-UN Hybrid Operatioin in Dafur (UNAMID) was detained by the Sudanese authority over an allegation of arms smuggling in the El-Fasher Airport.

Local authority seized a large number of weapon and ammunition in luggage suspectedly belonging to the Indonesian FPU.

Source: Antara News