Indonesian fishermen rescue two PNG people floating in sea

Jayapura Indonesian fishermen have rescued two Papua New Guinean people who were floating for 15 days in Tanah Merah waters of Jayapura District, Papua after their boat ran out of gas fuel.

The Director of Water Police Unit of Papua Senior Commissioner BambangKaryanto said here on Sunday, the fishermen located the two PNG people about 57 nautical miles away from the shoreline.

The two PNG people are identified as OriNaug (Male, 27) and Grikel (Female, 19) who live in Coil Island, of East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.

The fishermen who found them, namely Sukri and Muhammad Rio, live in Mandala Beach, Dok V of Jayapura City.

Sukri and Rio discovered Naug and Grikel hanging to an empty

jerrycan in a weak condition.

Karyanto said Naug and Grikel were heading for Wokio Island of East Sepik Province when their boat ran out of fuel.

They decided to swim to find nearest island by hanging to anjerrycan.

The fishermen rescued Naug and Grikel and gave them foods and drinks.

Sukri brought them to the Water Police Unit office.

Both of them are being treated in Bhayangkara Hospital while waiting for the repatriation.

Source: Antara News