Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm to showcase “Kampung Indonesia” in Sweden

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian Embassy in Sweden will promote Indonesias culture and tourism destinations through the “Kampung Indonesia” concept during the annual Putte I Parken Music Festival in Kungstradgarden, Sweden, on July 28-29, 2017.

First Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Indonesian Embassy in Sweden Febrian Irawati Mamesah stated here on Friday that showcasing the Kampung Indonesia concept in Kungstradgarden aims to recreate the ambience of an Indonesian village and to introduce the countrys culture and tourism destinations in Sweden.

“The Indonesian Embassy is focused on promoting tourism, and we have set 2017 as the year of tourism promotion,” Mamesah noted during a press briefing with Indonesian Ambassador to Sweden Bagas Hapsoro and journalists.

During the Putte I Parken Festival, held in Kungstradgarden, a park located in front of the Swedish Kings palace in Stockholm, Indonesia will showcase its traditional culture, handicrafts, authentic culinary arts, tourism destinations, and the warmth and friendly nature of Indonesian people.

A group of bamboo instrument artists from Bandung, East Java, called “Saung Mang Udjo” will perform an orchestra using angklung, a traditional musical instrument made from bamboo.

Furthermore, Indonesian master chef William Wongso will give a cooking demonstration on Indonesias traditional culinary delicacies, such as sate, rendang, soto, and nasi goreng.

Moreover, travel photographer Ebbie Vebri Adrian, who has documented more than three thousand destinations spread over 300 islands in Indonesia, will exhibit his works depicting the beauty of the Indonesian landscape, culture, and endemic flora and fauna for the world to see.

Apart from on-stage performances, the Indonesian Embassy will also organize interactive programs for the visitors, such as a competition with door prize, games at kids corners, a photo booth, and also a “flash mob” to get the participants dancing together.

Sweden, a country with a per capita income of US$47,000 and an annual leave of six weeks, is viewed as a potential market for Indonesias tourism.

Around 39 thousand Swedish tourists had visited Indonesia in 2016, while around 350 thousand had paid a visit to Thailand, and 150 thousand, to Vietnam.

This huge gap in the number of tourist arrivals has become a challenge for Indonesias tourism promotion.

However, Indonesia is optimistic that the number of Swedish people visiting Indonesia would double in 2017, with several tourism promotion programs being organized in Sweden, Mamesah noted.

The archipelagic country, with over 17 thousand islands located in equatorial Southeast Asia, is blessed with a diverse culture and scenery ranging from white sandy beaches, active volcanoes, and rice paddy terraces, to a chain of green mountains. It is also a place where the growth in modernity does not obliterate the traditional values.

“Indonesia is the next new destination for the Swedish market,” she added.

As part of the Kampung Indonesia concept, partners from tour operators and travel agents as well as airlines will also provide information on Indonesias various tourist destinations to all visitors.

Source: Antara News