Indonesia Thwarts Terrorist Attack, Arrests Daesh-Linked Suspect

JAKARTA, Indonesia� Indonesian police have thwarted an alleged terrorists’ secret plan, to attack policemen and seize their weapons in Yogyakarta province, national police spokesman, Brig. General Dedi Prasetyo said here on Friday.

The police arrested one plotter named Andalus alias Abu Hilwa or TWA, and are hunting other suspects, before the terrorist attack was executed, the spokesman said.

Hilwa was arrested on Feb 14, in Temanggung of Central Java province and is an alleged member of Jemaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD), which is an allegiance of the Daesh terrorist group in Syria.

TWA admitted that he is plotting a terrorist act to attack police personnel in Yogyakarta. Three of his friends will join the strikes on the policemen and seize their weapons, Prasetyo said.

In addition to the plot in Yogyakarta, the spokesman said, Hilwa, along with his terrorist fellows, also plotted to conduct terrorist strikes by shooting police personnel.

Currently police investigators are further investigating on Hilwa and others, Prasetyo said.

Hilwa was deported from the Philippines, after he joined a military exercise along with Adi Jihadi, a militant who channelled funds to financing the suicide bombings in Jakarta in Jan, 2016.

In Oct, 2016, Hilwa took part in a paramilitary training in Anyer of Banten province, the spokesman said.

The JAD group was behind multi-suicide strikes in Indonesia’s second largest city of Surabaya and Riau province in May, that left 32 dead and dozens injured, according to Indonesian Police Chief, KGeneral, Tito Arnavian.