Indonesia starts formulating doping test planning for 2022


The Indonesian Anti-Doping Agency (LADI) has started formulating the planning for doping test distribution in 2022 while referring to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) regulation on anti-doping in each country.

As disclosed by a press release that ANTARA received here Tuesday, LADI’s Deputy Chief Rheza Maulana affirmed that the 2022 doping test is also conducted to ensure that the review of WADA’s sanction on LADI is conducted promptly.

The 2022 doping test is different from usual, he pointed out. Based on the Japan Anti-Doping Agency’s (JADA’s) assistance to LADI, the doping test is not just about planning the test outside and during the competition, but it also concerns evaluation and technical documents on analysis of certain sports branches.

“We actively communicate with national sports federations to seek information on elite athletes at the international, national, and regional levels,” he stated.

Additional questions that LADI posed comprised the rankings for these elites and the national training plan for certain sports branches, he noted.

The coordination is conducted with 17 national sports federations that were determined by referencing the sports branches that WADA has decided, such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, weightlifting, cycling, and rock climbing.

Not all federations are included, as it hinges more on the sports branches that are categorized to necessitate endurance.

“The requested data is very detailed, such as the athlete’s risk (in consuming supplement) in the athlete’s biography. All this time, LADI has never delivered a doping test with this detailed formula,” Maulana noted.

While the 2022 doping test is not yet completed, he is optimistic that the review of WADA’s sanction on LADI could be conducted during the first quarter of this year.

He believes that the process of fulfilling WADA’s requirement could be conducted in accordance with the target.

This is especially since the Sanction Resolution Task Force has actively communicated with JADA and the Southeast Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (SEARADO).

SEARADO is open to providing training to LADI on testing, education, Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) as well as other training mechanisms.

Source: Antara News