Indonesia Seizes 218.46 Kg Crystal Meth, Arrests 11 Suspects

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Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency (BNN), seized 218.46 kg crystal methamphetamine and 16,586 ecstasy pills, and arrested 11 suspects in three provinces over recent days, said head of BNN, Commissioner General, Petrus Reinhard Golose, yesterday.

Golose said, the first case involved narcotics shipments from Pontianak city in West Kalimantan province, to Balikpapan city in East Kalimantan province.

“Officers on Jan 7 seized 10.57 kg of methamphetamine in a double-cabin car, driven by two suspects, at a port in Balikpapan and arrested them, and also apprehended a suspect in a parking lot of a hospital in Balikpapan,” Golose said.

The second case occurred in Dumai city in Riau province, on Indonesia’s western island of Sumatra, where the BNN seized 10.56 kg of crystal methamphetamine and arrested two suspects.

The officers also seized 36.87 kg crystal methamphetamine and 16,586 ecstasy pills from two other people.

In addition, the BNN arrested a person carrying 128.83 kg crystal methamphetamine in Dumai city on Jan 10.

On Jan 14, in the third case, the officers arrested three suspects in a housing estate in Pontianak, and seized 31.63 kg crystal methamphetamine.