Indonesia respects democratic process in US

Jakarta (ANTARA NEWS) – The Indonesian government and its people respect the democratic process in the US that has elected Donald Trump as the president.

“During the campaign, Donald Trump vowed to develop the US economy based on a very nationalist-centric view. Indeed, all presidents should prioritize US interests in creating the trade policy and during negotiations,” Vice President Jusuf Kalla stated in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president here on Friday.

Trump will be sworn in as the 45th US president around noon (Eastern Time Zone) on Friday and will deliver an address at the west front of the US Capitol before leading a parade to the White House.

Kalla noted that Indonesia should not harbor concerns over the US foreign policy under the leadership of President Trump.

“It is not easy to implement the idea of developing the US economy based on a very nationalist-centric view,” he remarked.

One of the plans is to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports. Nearly 90 percent of the goods sold in the US are made in China.

“If President Donald Trump implements this policy, the price of goods will increase,” he pointed out.

Furthermore, the vice president doubted Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border as the US citizens would face difficulties in finding workers in the livestock and agriculture sector.

Indonesia is preparing a set of foreign policies that will enable the country to adjust to the new political situation in the US under the Trump presidency.

“The Indonesian government is currently planning and making preparations in response to the new political situation (in the US),” President Joko Widodo’s special staff for Communications Johan Budi had earlier said.

He also reiterated that the relationship between both nations will remain sound.

Budi also mentioned that the Indonesian government will continue to closely follow Trumps foreign policies in order to maintain good relations between Indonesia and the US.

“We look at this as an anticipatory measure to prepare us for potential global changes, not only with regard to changes in the US foreign policy but also a general shift in global politics. This is something that the Indonesian government needs to do,” he affirmed.

Trump had defeated his rival Hilary Clinton in the US general election held in November 2016.

Source: Antara News