Indonesia pursues market access to New Zealand at SOMTIF

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia has continued to open up its export market access to New Zealand to gain entry into labor markets and obtain agricultural products for constantly advancing bilateral relations.

Director General of International Trade Negotiations Iman Pambagyo, chairperson of the Indonesian delegation, made the statement while attending the 7th Senior Official’s Meeting on Trade and Investment Framework (SOMTIF) in Wellington, New Zealand.

“At the SOMTIF this time, the Indonesian delegation fights for access to the Indonesian labor market in order to enter New Zealand. In addition, it pursues access to Indonesian tropical fruit products, particularly linked to the resolution of non-tariff barriers for mangosteen, banana, pineapple, salak, and mango,” Iman noted in his statement in Jakarta, Friday.

In the meantime, the New Zealand delegation was led by Principal Adviser, Trade and Economic Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mark Trainor.

Iman noted that in addition to the issue of labor and agricultural market access, Indonesia has invited New Zealand’s investment in Indonesia’s livestock sector; tourism; vocational and higher education; and creative economy culture. Cooperation is offered in the creative economic sector, such as film and animation.

“New Zealand has a fairly advanced film industry. Several box office films, such as the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, are made in New Zealand. Hence, Indonesia is keen to build cooperation through this forum,” Iman emphasized.

The matters brought up and sought by the Indonesian delegation at the SOMTIF meeting were in line with President Jokowi’s vision to develop human resources and improve export performance, including to New Zealand.

“In the midst of the current world economic slowdown, the SOMTIF holds significance in increasing cooperation between Indonesia and New Zealand,” Iman stated.

SOMTIF is a regular annual bilateral forum between Indonesia and New Zealand held to discuss trade and investment issues as well as boost trade and investment performance through technical cooperation.

SOMTIF was formed in 2005 and was first held on July 14-15, 2008, in Wellington. Furthermore, the SOMTIF agenda is implemented alternately by the two countries.

Source: Antara News