JAKARTA, Indonesia Following a series of terrorist attacks on Sunday and Monday in Surabaya, East Java, the Jakarta Police have called on the public to report any suspicious social media accounts to the National Police’s official Twitter account, @DivHumas_Polri, The Jakarta Post reported.

The Jakarta Police’s public relations department issued a public call on Monday through its official Twitter handle, @HumasMetroJaya, for people to immediately report any Twitter accounts that supported radicalism, terrorism or an Islamist caliphate by sending a direct message (DM) to the Jakarta Police or the National Police’s Twitter account.

The National Police’s Cyber Crime Investigation Centre (CCIC) also reminded the public to stay calm.

We urge the public to stay calm and to share any information that could help us investigate this case by sending a DM to our Twitter account, it tweeted through @CCICPolri.

Aside from reporting suspicious social media activity through Twitter, netizens can also file a report on radical and pro-terror websites by emailing the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) at, or the Communications and Information Ministry at

Source: NAM News Network