Indonesia, Pakistan should cooperate in fighting terrorism: Diplomat

Indonesia and Pakistan, as two of the worlds most populous Muslim-majority countries, should join forces in countering global and regional terrorism threats, former Pakistani Ambassador to the US Major-General (Retired) Mahmud Ali Durrani.

Durrani, who is also Pakistans former National Security Adviser, believed that many members of extremist groups are inclined to carry out ill-advised acts, including suicide bombings, because they have been led to believe that they are fighting on behalf of Islam, and that they have been guaranteed a one way ticket to heaven, he stated in a panel titled Geostrategic Update: South Asia at Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta, Friday (Jan. 6)

With regard to this notion, Durrani thinks that Indonesia and Pakistan should work together in educating the public about the misconception, so that threats of terrorism can be eliminated, as it has increasingly become major concerns for both countries and the global community.

“Indonesia and Pakistan can cooperate in developing this idea, so that there are no militants growing in Indonesia and at the same time, Pakistan can get rid of the militants that are already growing in it,” he said.

The dialogue themed Geostrategic Update: South Asia was held by the Embassy of Pakistan in Jakarta in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI).

The event featured Major-General Durrani as its key speaker, during which he explained the strategic geographical importance of Pakistan in South Asia, as well as his views about prospects of the resolution of long ongoing conflicts.

Indonesian diplomat and founder of the Foreign Policy Community Dino Patti Djalal acted as the moderator for the discussion where a number of people from the diplomatic community, government officials and academics had the chance to ask questions related to the region.

Source: Antara News