Indonesia, France discuss digital transformation

Minister of Communications and Informatics, Johnny G Plate, met with the French Ambassador to Indonesia, Olivier Chambard, to discuss cooperation in the country’s digital transformation.

“The Ambassador came to reiterate the seriousness of the French Government towards taking part in three projects in the field of information, communications, and technology (ICT) in Indonesia,” Minister Plate said in a statement received here on Friday.

The meeting discussed cooperation for the speeding up of Indonesia’s digital transformation, including the development of National Data Center, Improvement on Television Transmitting Stations (ITTS), and the Satria Satellite project.

“The ministry is also coordinating with the National Development Planning Ministry and the Finance Ministry to accelerate the development of the National Data Center. The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is pushing for the passage of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill in the parliament. We are asking for France’s readiness and willingness to accelerate the development project for the government data centers in Indonesia. This (project) is funded by the French Government,” the minister said.

According to the ministry, the French government has expressed its readiness and has adequate technology financing for the project. The Indonesian government is currently at the stage of finalizing the location of the data centers, which will be located in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

In terms of the cooperation on ITTS, Indonesia is accelerating the digitization of the broadcasting sector, especially television, often referred to as the Analog Switch Off.

According to Minister Plate, three countries have submitted proposals for the project: France, Japan, and the United States.

France, the ministry stated, has expressed its seriousness towards participating in the TVRI digitalization project, which includes showing competitive funding, experience working with TVRI, and having modern technology.

“For TVRI, the process is indeed to improve the station’s capabilities, in line with the Analog Switch Off. The Analog Switch Off in the current process has something to do with the Omnibus Law, and it has to do with the interests of the community,” Plate said.

The Indonesian government is also speeding up legislation related to the digitalization of the broadcasting sector through the ratification of the Job Creation Bill (Omnibus Law) for the telecommunications and broadcasting sector.

In relation to the Satria Satellite, the government is targeting Satria-1 to be orbited no later than the second quarter of 2023. The French government is expected to provide assistance in the satellite program.

The partnership is a Government and Business Entity Cooperation (KPBU) and Indonesia will use its satellite capacity, the minister added.



Source: Antara News