Indonesia explores Islamic courts from Jordan

The Indonesian Supreme Court (MA) establishes cooperation in the field of court with the Judicial Council (MP) of Kingdom of Jordan in order to explore information and share experiences on the implementation of sharia law, particularly in handling sharia economic cases.

According a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, Jordan received by ANTARA here on Tuesday, the cooperation is established on a meeting between the Indonesian Supreme Court Chairman Hatta Ali and the Jordanian Judicial Council Hisham At Tal Jordan on Monday (Nov 21).

The first time visit of the Indonesian Supreme Court to the Jordan Judicial Council was aimed to explore the judicial system applied by the Kingdom of Jordan and the various achievements in resolving the sharia economic cases.

In the Indonesian judicial system, particularly on sharia economy, the authority has just dealt with those issues after the Law No. 3 of 2006 on Religious Courts was issued.

Therefore the Indonesian Supreme Court continues to improve its human resource capabilities and want to follow the development of the Islamic economic practices in Jordan.

In addition, the visit is expected to strengthen cooperative relationship between the Indonesian Supreme Court and the Jordanian Judicial Council more closely and provide benefits for both parties.

Hisham Tal At explained the Jordanian Judicial Council is the highest judicial authority in the country.

Jordan has two types of Supreme Court of the General and Sharia Supreme Courts. Both Jordanian judiciary institutions are independent and not subject to government control, but directly responsible to the King as stressed in Jordanian constitutional changes in 2011.

In connection with the effort to apply sharia in the judicial system, the Jordanian Judicial Council is ready to share experiences with Indonesia in handling sharia economic disputes.

Source: Antara News