Indonesia detains illegal foreign fishing ships

A patrol boat of the Indonesian Maritime and Fishery Ministry, Hiu Macan 01, detained four ships flying the Malaysian flag last Thursday for illegally fishing in Indonesian waters.

“The motor vessels arrested are flagged Malaysian. However, 40 members of the crew are from Vietnam,” Erik Tambunan, the monitoring head of fishery and maritime resources of Pontianak, said here on Monday.

The ships were catching fish in the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone without any legal permit from the Indonesian government, Tambunan stated.

The four ships are two KM Suria Timur with 105 GT (gross ton) and 90 GT, KM PAF 4457 with 85 GT and KM JHF 8918T with 70 GT.

“We are detaining the ships in the monitoring dock of Pontianak of Kubu Raya District,” Tambunan disclosed.

The crew of the ships violated Indonesia’s fishing regulations, he said.

Besides, they were also using forbidden fishing equipment such as trawl nets in Indonesian waters, he revealed.

The authorities will enforce the law according to the countrys regulations, Tambunan added.

Source: Antara News