Indonesia affirms to fulfill G20’s mandate to address global issues

Internal Affairs

Indonesia has vouched to fulfill the G20 Presidency’s mandate to help address global issues, especially the pandemic and economic crisis.

“What we can ensure are the unwavering efforts of Indonesia, as the G20 President, in fulfilling the mandate in line with its nature as a forum that helps address issues on the global crisis,” the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister’s Chief of Staff Achmad Rizal Purnama remarked during an online press briefing here on Thursday.

Hence, he expressed hope that the function and essence of G20 would be well-conducted during Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

“We want to ensure that Indonesia’s G20 Presidency does address global issues that the world is currently facing, especially the pandemic and economic crisis,” he pointed out.

During its presidency, however, another crisis is concurrently occurring akin to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that has had impacts on the food and fuel prices.

Despite the conflict, Purnama affirmed relentless support of the G20 member countries on the key agendas of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

“We still have the support of G20 member countries, especially on the prioritized agendas. Hence, the support is not withdrawn just because of the conflict that currently happens,” he stressed.

To this end, the foreign affairs minister will visit four countries — the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey — on April 19-22, 2022.

The minister will take up two main agendas during her visit. The first is to strengthen bilateral relations to boost economic cooperation in a bid to recover from the pandemic and the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The second agenda is to consult and communicate with some countries in response to addressing the current issues in the context of the G20 Presidency.

Through the consultation, Indonesia will gain some perspectives among countries on the G20 forums to handle various challenges currently, especially in the economy sector that is under immense pressure, the ministry’s spokesperson, Teuku Faizasyah, noted.

“We will surely listen to their views on the issues spoken by global leaders currently,” he added.

Source: Antara News