Human resources must be prepared to face Society 5.0: minister

Jakarta Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Edhy Prabowo highlighted the need for human resources to prepare themselves to face the Society 5.0 era projected in future.

“We will enter the era of Society 5.0, which is a fully human-centered community,” Prabowo remarked while opening the Online Training of Fisheries Instructor Community on Tuesday.

The minister explained that Society 5.0 was based on the concept of connecting and moving all aspects of human life through a data-based approach.

Thus, Prabowo asserted that the internet in future would no longer be used merely as a source of information but to improve the day-to-day lives of people.

The minister believes that if it is truly implemented, then Society 5.0 is expected to reduce economic inequality and boost the welfare of the community on the whole.

The minister believes that the KKP also had in place an e-Jaring system, which is online-based training platform wherein people, regardless of their location and time, can receive training to boost capacity related to the marine and fisheries sector.

This is viewed as being immensely beneficial, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic era, where social movements are far more restricted than before.

“e-Jaring has been developed currently, as it can be accessed by anyone and anywhere,” he expounded.

Interested residents can register on the page.

Various forms of trainings available include hatchery and cultivation of several species of fish, fish processing diversification for various species, and technical guidance, such as for the manufacture of fishing equipment and maintenance and repair of fishing boat engines.

The minister called on fisheries instructors to be on the frontlines in helping marine and fisheries communities tackle problems and varied challenges encountered daily on the field.

The KKP is keen on reviving the role of fisheries counselors to bolster the performance of the marine and fisheries sector in the country.




Source: Antara News