Houses in Aceh destroyed after 12 elephants go on rampage

Suka Makmue, Aceh (ANTARA) – A herd of 12 elephants recently ran amok in the villages of Blang Lango and Tuwi Meuleusong in Seunagan Timur Sub-district, Nagan Raya District, Aceh Province, destroying a house and plantations.

“Alhamdulillah (Thank God), (the attack) claimed no lives,” Seunagan Timur Sub-district Head Teuku Mukhsin stated on Thursday.

The elephant attacks often occur in the sub-district, but this time it involved a herd of 12 elephants, he pointed out.

The elephants had been wandering in the two villages since Tuesday night (June 25, 2019), he remarked while quoting information from the heads of the villages.

The elephants ripped through plants along their path.

Fortunately, several residents, who found the elephants rampaging, managed to save themselves by taking shelter at the locals’ houses or in safe places to avoid any untoward incidents.

Source: Antara News