House speaker calls for building family resilience to avert radicalism

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, has highlighted the urgent need for strengthening family resilience and social interaction among people in the fight against radical beliefs and acts.

“There were terrorists that came from the younger generation, millennials, and families, this is very concerning and saddening,” she said in a statement received here on Thursday.

In order to prevent terror incidents from recurring, she said, the government must prepare and implement concrete steps, such as strengthening family and social resilience.

“Family interaction and social interaction between residents and neighbors must be strengthened under the concept of community social resilience,” she advised.

She said she believes that all parties must remind each other and prevent the spread of radical ideas on social media, considering the fact that many terrorists have been exposed to radical ideology on online platforms in the past.

In addition, she said, the younger generation must also be educated, for example, about the diversity of the Indonesian nation, in a bid to strengthen the spirit of tolerance and unity among the nation’s children.

“Therefore, there needs to be social media literacy as well as monitoring of social media content containing radical and extremist material,” she noted.

More efforts must be made to educate the younger generation on the need for moderation, tolerance, and inclusiveness, she added. (INE)

Source: Antara News