House reminds construction service providers to prioritize safety

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – House of Representatives Commission V has warned providers of construction services to always put safety first.

“The providers of construction services should continue to maintain quality and safety,” Vice Chairman of Houses Commission V Sigit Sosiantomo remarked here on Tuesday.

Sosiantomo said a pillar of the Becakayu toll road project that had crashed on Tuesday morning should prompt the government to issue a stern warning to construction service providers and not just contractors.

He highlighted the role of supervisory consultants, as stages of construction were not carried out properly.

Sosiantomo asserted that Commission V of the House of Representatives will call various parties related to alleged non-compliance to the Law on Construction Services.

Investigators of the East Jakarta Police have detained Alvy, in charge of implementing the Becakayu toll road project, for the collapse of the pole that injured seven workers.

“Alvi was picked up for security reasons,” East Jakarta Police Chief Senior Commissioner Yoyon Tony Saputra noted.

Saputra added that Alvi and officer of the Becakayu toll road project Hasto will be questioned as witnesses.

Source: ANTARA News