House plans to set up parliamentary school

In a move aimed at equipping its legislators with better law making skills, the House of Representatives (DPRs) leadership on Thursday discussed issues related to the establishment of a parliamentary school for the purpose, House Speaker Ade Komaruddin said.

“We discussed preparations for the establishment of a parliamentary school that will help improve the quality of the members of the House of Representatives, Provincial Legislative Assemblies, and District/Municipal Legislative Assemblies across Indonesia,” Ade said here on Thursday.

The DPR will study a proposal for the establishment of this school, he informed.

Such a school will hopefully enable the lawmakers to carry out their functions of supervision, budgeting and legislation formulation properly, he said.

“By setting up of this parliamentary school, we aim to realize the expectations of the public that aspires for members of parliament who, as a collective of well skilled people, can function as a law-making body which can formulate budgets and carry out its supervisory functions adequately,” he noted.

Ade, a politician from the Golkar Party, said prospective legislators from all political parties are entitled to receive training at the parliamentary school.

Therefore, he assured that he will coordinate with all sides to ensure that all lawmakers and prospective legislators can avail of this opportunity of training.

He refused to divulge the amount of funds needed to build the parliament school.

Source: Antara News