House commission to evaluate police performance

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) will summon Police Chief Gen Tito Karnavian for a hearing, Tuesday, to evaluate the performance of the National Police (Polri).

The hearing will decide the criteria to determine if its performance had been successful, for instance, with regard to the death of a cadet of the Indonesian Police Academy last week.

“The regular working meeting on the evaluation of the police performance will check the aspects that have to be improved or have to be maintained,” Commission III Deputy Chairman Trimedya Pandjaitan said at the Parliament Building here, Monday.

The commission will inquire about the death of Police Academy cadet Muhammad Adam (21), who died after being beaten up by his seniors last week, he remarked.

According to Pandjaitan, even though one of the perpetrator was the son of a general, the House Commission would not let the case rest. It will be thoroughly investigated after 14 were named as suspects, he added.

“Among the 14 attackers, one was the son of a general,” he affirmed.

He revealed Commission III would specifically pay a visit to the policy academy in Semarang, Central Java.

He predicted that in the next hearing many questions would be posed to the Polri chief, because in the last hearing session there was no meeting with the Polri chief.

“There is no specific agenda but what is much talked about now is the death of the Police Academy student. There will be a lot of questions from Commission III members. There is no guarantee if General Karnavian will be able to attend the meeting until late night, because I heard he will be visiting Iran,” Pandjaitan remarked.

The Jakarta Post reported on Saturday that investigators from the Central Java Police general crimes investigation directorate have examined 35 witnesses in their investigation into the death of Mohammad Adam, a second-year student at the National Police Academy (Akpol) in Semarang, Central Java.

It is suspected that Mohammad was beaten to death.

Central Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Condro Kirono stated on Friday that 21 out of the 35 witnesses questioned were second-year students, while the other 14 were third-year students.

“We have carried out intensive interrogations since last night [Thursday evening]. We havent yet named any suspects,” he said.

Adam was found dead early Thursday. There is a possibility that more than one perpetrator participated in the possible murder of Adam.

Condro said the result of an autopsy performed on Adams body showed the police cadet had died of asphyxiation, caused by injuries to his lungs. The police have confiscated several pieces of evidence, including belts and small sticks, he added.

Source: Antara News