Home Affairs Ministry to provide documentation for all disabled people

Internal Affairs

The Home Affairs Ministry aims to provide population documentation for Indonesia’s populace of people with disabilities.

“The launch of information dissemination and population data documentation throughout Sumatra for people with disabilities is a form of support for people with disabilities to get equal rights,” Director General of Population and Civil Registration at the Home Affairs Ministry Zudan Arif Fakrulloh stated in Bandarlampung on Thursday.

It was expected that after the event, all persons with disabilities, whether in Lampung or Indonesia, could have population documents, he stated.

“It is targeted that 100 percent of (the population of) people with disabilities have population documents, from Bandar Lampung to Aceh to all over Indonesia, so we (extend our service) as (best) as possible, so that everything is recorded,” he remarked.

Fakrulloh noted that should there be anyone with disabilities who had yet to receive the population document, then he or she could immediately contact the Population and Civil Registration Office for the registration.

“If anyone does not have a population document, then immediately contact the local Population and Civil Registration Office, so that it could be done at school or at home,” he explained.

Fakrulloh remarked that the entire process was free of charge.

“All (the process of) registration and administration of population documents is free of charge. If anyone asked for a document fee, please report it to us. This is because we aim to remind the (staff of our obligation to offer best) services for the public,” he added.

According to data from the Social Affairs Ministry through the Management Information System for Persons with Disabilities, some 209,604 people with disabilities were recorded until January 2021.

Source: Antara News