Holding company on media to be finalized in 2017

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The establishment of the National Publishing and News Corporation (NPNC), a holding company for state-run media and publishing firms, is targeted to be finalized by the end of 2017.

“The latest development is that we are seeking a professional consultant who could give evaluation and training on the best form of the holding company,” head of strategic industry and media of the state enterprises ministry Mahmud Husein said here on Wednesday.

The four state-run firms are ANTARA News Agency, state publishing Perum Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia (PNRI), PT Balai Pustaka and Peruri.

Husein said that the four state firms would maintain their brands, and they would not be merged into one new company.

“The concept is holding, not merging. Now they have been collaborated but only in term of marketing, despite some new programs involving the four companies,” he remarked.

Under the holding concept, revenue from one company could be used to cover others loss, he added.

Meanwhile, President Director of Balai Pustaka Saiful Bahri said that the NPNC would be in virtual holding where Balai Pustaka would publish documents from other companies in digital form. “The printed form would be handled by Perum PNRI.”

ANTARAs Director for Commercial and Business Development Hempi N Prajudi stated that the holding companies would create a lot of digital concept suited for global development.

“In addition to digital content, ANTARA will have newspapers in all regions in Indonesia printed by PNRI or Peruri,” he noted.

PNRIs Director of Finance and Poduction Satrio Sigit said that the establishment of the holding company is aimed at maximizing each companies production.

“This year, PNRI will cooperate with the banking sector to make smart card after we finish the e-ID card program,” Satrio added.

Source: Antara News