Helping hands behind Papua PON

It is Tevina Leberina Ayomi’s first day as a liaison officer for guest referees at the 20th PON National Games, specifically those who have come for the rowing event in Youtefa Bay, Jayapura, and she is expertly tackling grievances.

One guest has complained about the lateness of the food. “When will the food come? It’s past lunchtime!” he yells over the intercom.

The 23-year-old smiles patiently and replies, “Just a moment, sir. A little bit more. I have confirmed with the caterer, the food is on the way.”

“But when?” the guest persists.

In response, Ayomi rushes to the referee’s secretariat room to directly apologize for the delay.

“Even though the delay was in the delivery, I was still feeling guilty because I could not show my best work to them,” Ayomi told ANTARA.

Ayomi may not be an important or decision-making official, who usually gets all the spotlight. She is just one of the thousands of volunteers helping keep the XX Papua PON run smoothly.

However, apart from their small role, people like Ayomi have a big hand in the successful running of the multi-sports event. When the contingents go back to their lodging or the spectators head back to their homes, Ayomi and other volunteers finish up all the work at the venue.

They are also the ones who are at the forefront of dealing and serving athletes, guests, and spectators at the four-yearly national sports event.

The volunteers have been prepared by the PON Grand Committee to ensure the convenience of delegates, athletes, and other participants by providing information or assistance in other necessary tasks. Some have also been prepared to ensure the cleanliness of each arena.

At least 25 thousand volunteers are involved in Papua’s ongoing games. Some are serving as liaison officers, volunteers, or workforce for the event.

They have been recruited after fulfilling all the requirements for PON volunteers, which include furnishing electronic identity cards (e-KTP), a taxpayer’s corporate number (NPWP), a vaccine certificate, and a 3×4 cm photo.

Source: Antara News