Health protocols to still be applied in online transportation services

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Health protocols — wearing masks, maintaining sanitation, and physical distancing — will still be applied in online transportation services, including online motorcycle taxis, such as Gojek, even after the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control.

Center for Policy and Public Management of School of Business and Management ITB Director Yudo Anggoro, Ph.D., made the statement during a media discussion with Gojek on Tuesday.

“The pandemic has given rise to a new paradigm of transportation and how to provide it,” Anggoro noted.

“The policy regarding health protocols have made the public more aware of cleanliness and implementing the 3M campaign (washing hands, keeping distance, and avoiding crowds), and this will become a new norm. After we surmount over the pandemic, all of us, the public and industry, would have become accustomed to maintaining and implementing health protocols,” he remarked.

Anggoro further noted that the application of health protocols in online motorcycle taxi and taxi fleets aligns with the aspirations of its users, who are currently more concerned about cleanliness, safety, and comfort.

Health protocols applied in online transportation services, include the use of masks, disinfection of vehicles, and the use of helmets, which are deemed crucial by the community to maintain passenger safety and comfort.

“Users are appreciative if the drivers comply with health protocols. Hence, it is important to ensure that driver partners implement the program and make users aware of the fact that it is being implemented,” he stated.

Speaking in connection to whether online transportation with various applications of health protocols would erode conventional public transportation modes, Anggoro clarified that these two service models were complementary and would not impact the sector.

“The use of ride-hailing services will increase the probability of people using public transportation in Jakarta,” Anggoro stated.

“People still opt for online transportation services since it really helps community mobility, especially in big cities, for the first mile and the last mile. Hence, this is complementary and ‘not lethal’, but it also needs collaboration and cooperation (for integration),” he affirmed.

Source: Antara News

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