Grandchildren of NU founders support Prabowo Subianto

Jakarta, Nov 29 (ANTARA News) – Several clerics and scholars who are descendants of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) founders in East Java, have expressed their support for presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and his running mate, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

KH Hasyim Karim, a grandson of KH Bisri Syansuri, one of NUs founders, said there were several reasons why he and others supported Prabowo-Sandi. Among the reasons are related to the economic programs being offered by the presidential and vice presidential candidates no. 2.

Speaking at Prabowos residence on Jalan Kertanegara, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/11) night, Kiai Hasyim said that he was proud to see Prabowo as the keynote speaker during The World 2019 Gala Diner held by The Economist in Singapore, on Tuesday (11/27) where Prabowo explained about his planned economic programs to a number of CEOs of large companies in the world.

He said a leader must be clear and convincing when speaking in an international forum and that could be done by Prabowo.

“I hope people can see and judge who really has leadership qualities,” he said.

He was of the view that returning the glory of the Indonesian nation was not easy because of many problems currently faced by the Indonesian people, but he believed the Prabowo-Sandi duet has a solution.

According to him, the public must be objective and they can criticize Prabowo-Sandi if Prabowo is wrong, but also appreciate him if he is right.

Irfan Yusuf Hasyim (Gus Irfan), a grandson of KH Hasyim Asyari, another founder of NU, the largest Muslim organization in Indonsia, said the purpose of zuriah representatives or descendants of the NU founders to meet Prabowo and Sandi was to exchange ideas and support each others.

He said, during the meeting, Prabowo explained the background of his desire to make Indonesia better.

“We, from the founding families of NU, are also honored because he (Prabowo Subianto) also said that Indonesia was also born from the struggle of the NU clerics so that our presence here was like repeating the events of our former predecessors,” said Gus Irfan, a spokesperson for Prabowo-Sandi campaign team (BPN) .

The meeting was attended by dozens of grandchildren of NU founders including Gus Irfan who was the grandson of KH Hasyim Asyari, KH Hasib Wahab, namely the son of KH Wahab Abdullah, and KH Hasyim Karim, the grandson of KH Bisri Syansuri.

Source: ANTARA News