Govt to examine economic policy package

The Chief of Presidential Staff, Teten Masduki, said the government will soon examine the implementation of the Economic Policy Package I – XII.

“We will be examining the regulations whether they are convenient to the business sectors, including the micro, small and medium enterprises, or not” he said here on Tuesday.

The examination aims to understand the impacts derived from the economic policies to the people.

Several points to be examined are the possibility of overlapping amongst the regulations, easiness of getting permits, and bureaucracy.

“We will keep improving every problems related to the implementation of the regulations in the field,” Teten remarked.

He added the government is preparing the Economic Policy Package XIII, which is scheduled to be launched in the near future.

The economic package will focus on e-commerce and construction of affordable houses.

“These two sectors are the priority of other sectors that will also be included in the package,” Teten said.

Source: Antara News