Gov’t pushes for synergy to end discrimination against disabled women

Internal Affairs

The government has emphasized cross-sector collaboration for creating innovations for eradicating gender inequality, particularly in relation to women with disabilities in Indonesia.

Presidential Special Staff for Social Affairs, Angkie Yudhistira, said that based on the global gender gap report 2021, Indonesia is ranked 101 out of 156 countries. She delivered the statement during the Merdeka Barat Forum 9 (FMB 9) on ‘Empowered Women, Prosperous Nation,’ accessed from here on Monday.

This fact should serve as a reminder to all policy makers to include men and women equally in all aspects or sectors, she opined.

Yudhistira said that although the policy has been formulated, its implementation has proven challenging. This can be resolved through economic empowerment activities, which aim to improve the quality of life of the community; not only for men, but also for women.

The government itself has put emphasis on cross-sectoral communication within the collaboration. Thus, it is the collective responsibility of the government, private sector, institutions, and community groups to come up with innovations, so that there is no overlap between women and men.

“But if we talk about the overlap among women, especially women with special needs, there is a long way to go because they experience very layered discrimination. They already (experience discrimination as) women, (not to mention the discrimination they experience as people) with disabilities,” she said.

The government has established cooperation with various ministries as technical institutions, as well as regional governments and community groups, which focus on women and vulnerable groups. It is also implementing policies that support women and vulnerable groups.

The measures have been undertaken based on Government Regulation Number 70 of 2019, which mandates that development must involve people with disabilities as a part of vulnerable groups.

The actual practice or implementation has been challenging, but this is where teamwork shines the most, she remarked. Not only involving the government, but also the private sector, community, and institutions, she added.

Source: Antara News