Gov’t, DPR start discussing DIM of sexual violence prevention bill

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The Indonesian government has begun discussing the Problem Inventory List (DIM) of the Sexual Violence Prevention Bill (RUU TPKS) with the Legislative Body (Baleg) of the House of Representatives (DPR RI).

“The DIM consists of 588 items,” Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga said at the Parliamentary Complex, Jakarta, on Monday.

It includes 167 permanent items, 68 editorial change proposals, 31 reposition proposals, and 120 new substantial proposals, as well as 202 substantial change proposals, she said adding that they have been shared by her ministry earlier.

“On this occasion, we also want to convey that there is a DIM for the explanation of the bill. It comprises 24 permanent items, 70 editorial change proposals, 34 substantial change proposals, and 119 new substantial proposals,” the minister informed.

One of the issues included in the DIM is regarding the meaning of the terms used in the bill, which consists of 12 chapters and 81 articles, she added.

In addition, the bill must determine the types of criminal acts of sexual violence and describe the elements of the crimes.

A number of other matters would also need to be regulated during the discussion of the DIM, such as the implementation of punishment, rehabilitation, and restitution.

“Furthermore, the bill also has to regulate the implementation of integrated services for the prevention of sexual violence as well as coordination for preventing sexual violence and handling victims at the central and regional levels,” Puspayoga noted.

Furthermore, the arrangement of funding — to allow resources to be used for providing health services — and the development of international cooperation also need to be included in the discussion, she said.

In addition, transitional and closing provisions also need to be considered, she added.

Earlier, during a plenary session on January 18, 2022, the DPR RI had approved the RUU TPKS as a DPR initiative bill.

Source: Antara News