Gov’t distributes assistance to Jayapura flood, landslide victims


Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini allocated assistance to the victims of floods and landslides in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province.

Rismaharini provided assistance worth Rp15 million to each of the seven heirs of the victims of the flood and landslide that hit certain areas of the city.

“According to the mandate given to the Social Affairs Ministry to assist disaster survivors, there are actually eight victims in Jayapura, but one has yet to be identified. Thus, only seven have been assisted, while (we are still) waiting for one to be identified,” the minister stated at a press conference at the Waringin Sports Center in Jayapura on Thursday.

Another victim is from Wamena, she remarked.

Additionally, Rismaharini provided assistance worth Rp5 million to each of the three survivors, who had suffered from serious injuries.

The minister also observed the condition of residents, with head injuries.

“Have (you) been x-rayed? The head is bruised from being buried, no?” she inquired.

The total value of assistance to be distributed during her visit to Jayapura is worth Rp 1,390,539,388 comprising disaster logistics assistance, compensation for the heirs of seven victims, 500 packages of basic necessities, 500 packages of cleaning tools, 500 packages of school equipment, 500 sheets of sarongs, 50 packs of baby supplies, and natural materials.

During the visit, the minister will observe public kitchens, refugee camps, and psychosocial support services at the Jayapura Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS).

Floods that hit four of the five sub-districts in Jayapura City affected as many as 8,268 residents.

Head of the Jayapura City Natural Disaster Emergency Response Team, Rustan Saru, remarked that most residents opted to not evacuate and stayed in their homes over concerns of their belongings being looted.

However, residents, whose houses were severely damaged thereby making them unfit for inhabitation, decided to evacuate since Sunday evening, January 9.

The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture noted that eight people died due to floods and landslides that struck Jayapura on January 6.

Source: Antara News