Governor Zainul Majdi denies reports that he calls for rejection of Ahok

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Governor TGH M Zainul Majdi denies social media report saying that he has called for the rejection of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok).

Ahok is facing legal case for alleged blasphemy insulting the Quran and ulamas when he cited a Quranic verse in speaking to people in the Thousand islands off Jakarta.

NTB provincial administration spokesman Yusron Hadi said here on Tuesday the reports in the cyber world saying that the NTB governor calling for the rejection of Ahok was a hoax.

“What has been circulating widely in the social media about a message from the governor calling for the rejection of Ahok is unfounded. It is a hoax,” Yusron Hadi said.

Yusron said the position of the NTB governor in the legal cases faced by Ahok is clear that is to ask all people to respect the process of law being handled by police.

The governor even called on the people to strengthen brotherhood and pray for the Unitary State of The Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), he added.

“NKRI is the message for all of us. Please stop spreading provocative statements,” he said.

The governor made the call at a meeting with religious and community leaders and leaders of mass organization in NTB earlier.

“Please make sure that the process of law is free from intervention . The law is the instrument to bind us all . Once we disobey the law our unity would be in danger,” the governor has said.

Meanwhile in Jakarta, police banned rally planned by the Islam Defender Front (FPI) on Nov. 25 or Dec 2 for security reason.

“Demonstration is a constitutional right of citizens. Please go ahead but be peaceful and not to disrupt public order,” Police chief Gen. Tito Karnavian said said Monday.

Tito said there are things they could not do such as that they must not stage action at the main roads of the city.

The protesters are not allowed to perform Friday prayers at Jalan Sudirman, Hotel Indonesia (HI) circle and Jalan Thamrin on Dec. 2, he said.

“Go ahead performing Friday prayer at the Istiglal Mosque, Banteng Square and Monas square, but not at Jalan Thamrin, Hotel Indonesia (HI) circle and Jalan Sudirman. It is strictly not allowed,” he said.

Military chief Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo, after a meeting with Tito said when it concerns national integrity it is not only police but also the military called on to maintain the security.

FPI has said it would hold mass Friday prayers in Jakartas main thoroughfares, Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin.

Source: Antara News